Ulf Bengtsson's bio

…. is the man who wanted more…
He grew up in a 300 years old farm i Värmland, Sweden, close to the Norwegian border. Through all his childhood he battled with questions like ”What can I achive?” How far can I go?”
  Ulf had the highest grades in school. He was running for the youth political party, he was an outstanding athlete. He ran the school entertainment , he was a defender of the weak, he emptied the small options for challenges in the home village and wanted to meet the challenges of the world.
Already at age of 19 he had was a team member of national team Olympic lifting, "A National champion of Bodybuilding”. At Military he was chosen for the highest education and leadership. He left with highest possible grades. He became the first bodybuilder ever to enter The Royal Collage of Physical Education in Stockholm.
He went after his destiny and built his own story…

Ulf Bengtsson the athlete

U lf went with his bag to Los Angeles California, to be where the best are - Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Joe Weider, Samir Bannout, and the female Queen of bodybuilding Rachel McLich. Within two years, he was ranked top six in the world. He placed third in both Mr. Universe (1977) and Worldgames (1981).
Friend and training partner with Frank Zane, he published his first book: ”The total dedication" that became a best seller in Sweden.

Ulf Bengtsson the promoter

U lf also created ”World Strongest Man Superseries" and teamed up with promoting company IMG. He launched the tour world wide. He delivered TV programming to 500 million households world wide and was the promotor of ”Mr Olympia” (1987) … and beat all previous records set by other promoters (specially Mr. Schwarzeneggers).