Dear partner and Reader,

I am happy to have You onboard and becoming a partner in the story ” No One Cries For You”. To finance the completion of this book, including print, marketing and launch the book worldwide, we have prepared 10 000 points/ shares, each at a price of 100 US Dollars.

You can choose from three options depending on what suits you best:

What is the project about?

T his is the story about what goes on in the head of an international entrepreneur. It can´t be better described than in the coming book ”No one cries for you”.
The book is about great victories and deep betrayal. But more so, it is about to be true to yourself, your vision and the purpose of life. And thereby become a part of the good force. The book will be financed by YOU, dear reader, and launched all around the World.

Who is Ulf Bengtsson?

U lf Bengtsson is the man who wanted more. He became a world famous bodybuilder, entrepreneur, writer, and founder of World Class Gym and Health Care Units, around the world.
World Class became the leader of the fitness industry in the Scandinavian market, and later, Russia and Romania. Ulf´s life offers dramatic ingredients, great success, and deep betrayal. Now he is writing a book about his fantastic life – ”No one cries for you”.

What is Ulf going to do with his money?